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To Ensure That The Quality Of Gold Wheel Grinding Wheel Mainly From Two Aspects

Jiangsu Yaofeng Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

To ensure that the quality of gold wheel grinding wheel mainly from two aspects

In the production process why the diamond grinding wheel will occur high rate of failure, quality instability and other issues? The manufacturer and how to minimize and avoid the fine-grained resin grinding wheel and other abrasive production process defects, bad, scrapped and other issues. Xiaobian proposal mainly from the following aspects:

(1) In general, the diamond grinding wheel sintering temperature is the choice of bonding agent, while this is the melting point of the formation of resin powder, take solidification to control the abrasive. And the temperature control of the fine grinding wheel is just the critical point before the melting point of the binder. That is, we commonly known as raw burn, part of the resin powder is not involved in melting, so as to reduce the overall density and hardness of the abrasive, thereby increasing abrasive flexibility, better use of the abrasive tool to speed up the use of heat and unwanted abrasive off , But also to increase their self-sharpening.

But the critical point is more difficult to control, the temperature is too low, the same will seriously affect the life of the abrasive; temperature is too high, then it will cause the abrasive hardness is too high, too dense, but also lead to abrasive Cooling process shrinkage and cracks.

(2) strict development and implementation of the perfect process and process parameters This is also to ensure the quality of abrasive an important prerequisite for stability. And because the micron-level abrasive for the formula, temperature, production process, etc. are more sensitive, so any changes in the details of the diamond grinding wheel quality plays a vital role.

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